Saturday, December 24, 2011

Eye-Fi, You-Fi, We All Need More Wi-Fi!

Have you heard of Eye-Fi? If not, you are missing out on pure magic.

"What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve"

I see this happening more and more and yes, it happened to me recently. I can't take any credit whatsoever for achievement in this field of technology, but I once dreamed of a concept like Eye-Fi. Now, I have it at my disposal. Amazing!

I love technology that purports to make life easier and then actually follows through and delivers. My Lumix digital camera died a slow painful death recently and I did a lot of research in order to choose the perfect camera at the perfect price, just right for little old me. I landed on the Canon SX210IS, which one reviewer described as the "Cadillac of point and shoot cameras", and decided that we were meant for each other, till mechanical death do us part. I noticed it had a function called Eye-Fi. I didn't know what Eye-Fi was, but was glad to see that my little bundle of joy was Eye-Fi capable, whatever that meant. Upon further investigation, I found out that Eye-Fi was one of my dreams come true. In a nutshell, take a picture and it flies to your computer without you being required to do a thing. No cords, no removing your card and finding adapters, nothing. It just flies through the air like magic.

Okay, it sounds like magic, but the technical terminology would probably explain it better. It's a memory card with Wi-Fi in it. You set it up to connect to your home wireless connection, set up your parameters as you want them, and shazam! Literally, I can take a picture with my camera, walk over to my computer, and it's on there. Creepy. Creepy and faaaaaaaa-bu-lousssssss! I jumped on eBay and ordered one. Bonus that I got it twenty dollars cheaper than retail - holla! When it arrived, I nervously set it up. At first, it wouldn't find my wireless, but after several tries and me blaming all inadequacies unnecessarily on Vista, it connected. I tried it, not really expecting to be impressed. Let me tell you, I am impressed and Eye-Fi lives up to the hype!

It even features the ability to upload to your favorite sites like Facebook and it stores all of your video and photos on a website for seven days for free so you can access your info from anywhere, anytime. you can pay for a premium service that lets you keep it longer if you wish. You can also have unlimited storage on your memory card. I'm not sure how this works. Maybe Chris Angel or David Blaine are involved, I'm not sure. Shhh! I told you, the thing is magic!

Who ever said dreams can't come true? Believe it, achieve it, receive it, that's what I say. Merry Christmas everyone! I'm off to snap some photos.

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