Examples of My Work

I find myself in a position of compiling a "best of" list frequently, so it's time to dedicate a page to that! Here are some notable pieces and some of my favorites:

I am a contributor in this 2013 e-book on writer's block:

I am a contributor with two pieces in a 2012 medical humor anthology (see mammogram pieces below):

I also run a blog. I focus mainly on humor and inspirational pieces.

This piece is a parenting piece and the response was quite good.
It's called, "Dumpster Diving? Yes, I Did!"http://www.everydayunderwear.com/2013/03/dumpster-diving-yes-i-did.html

I also became a published author this past year with two of my blog posts accepted in a humor anthology. The pieces are about my mammograms:
I was a finalist in a Firepole Marketing (Danny Iny) contest this year with this piece on marketing strategies:
I also write very personal and serious pieces like this one on best-selling author Rachel Thompson's blog:
I got paid for this one on BlogHer (slamming blog awards):

And this is my personal recent favorite about grossly misjudging my dog's horniness as an acute medical condition:

Somebody at Aiming Low told me they were going to run this piece about turning my toilet brush holder into a vase:
And of course, my famous piece about peeing in the shower:
If you are interested in hiring me to write for you, please visit my Contact page!

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