Awards Bestowed Upon Everyday Underwear

On 02/02/13, Chris Dean gave me the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. Chris has become a dear blogging friend and we think we might be twins separated at birth. My mother knows nothing about this, however.

On 9/3/12, Kelly Hashway awarded Everyday Underwear the Very Inspiring Blogger award and I was one of four recipients, so do I ever feel special ;0) Thank you so much, Kelly, for the nods of inspiration coming my way just when I needed it the most!

On 9/2/12, Lisa Weinstein awarded Everyday Underwear the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award and the Inspiring Blogger award. The Sisterhood award is fitting. She's my sister by blogging, not by blood!

On 8/13/12, Kelly Hashway gave her readers (and I am a follower) the Thanks for Being You award.

On 7/9/12, Everyday Underwear received the Illuminating Blogger Award from Lisa Thomson, who blogs about divorce at Lisa Thomson LiveLisa Thomson is the author of THE GREAT ESCAPE: A GIRL'S GUIDE TO LEAVING A MARRIAGE - a guide for the woman who wants to know how to leave a marriage, OR for the woman who already has, including heartfelt, personal stories to back up her practical advice. Thank you, Lisa!


On 6/22/12, Everyday Underwear received the Inspirational Blog Award from Sabeen at Mumchic, "Where chic and fabulous is a default.." Thanks so much for the honor - it was a surprise!


On 5/28/12, Everyday Underwear received the Sunshine Award from Melody Lowes at Meanwhile, Melody Muses... Melody does lovely poetry. Thank you so much, Melody!


On 6/12/12, Everyday Underwear received the Versatile Blogger Award from the very charismatic and funny Cara Lopez Lee at Girls Trek Too.

On 5/24/12, Everyday Underwear received the Versatile Blogger Award from a kindred spirit, Cindy Dwyer at A Reason to Write. Thank you, Cindy! I appreciate the nod very much.


On 6/19/12, Everyday Underwear received the Liebster award from Cheryl Fassett of Catching Fireflies. Cheryl is a fellow SheWrites member, cat lover, and is a YA writer who states, "I am writing this blog as a journal of discovery, to document my happy accidents, my frustration, and most of all the magic that I am finding along this journey." I like and agree with that statement!

On 5/14/12, Everyday Underwear received the Liebster Blog Award two times, what an honor! Many thanks to Claudette J. Young of Claudsy's Blog and Jeannine Bergers Everett for the awards and kind words.

On May 27th, Everyday Underwear received the Kreativ Blogger Award again from Trisha Faye at So many books, so little time... A great honor and I thank you, Trisha!

On 3/24/12, Becky Green Aaronson gave Everyday Underwear the Kreativ Blogger Award. Such an honor to receive it from her!

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