What people are saying about Everyday Underwear

"I laughed so much during this post, my dogs started whining."
-Bull Garlington

"...not only is she a seriously talented writer with more layers to her work than an Artichoke, but she also has this nasty habit of finding up and coming bloggers and giving them all kinds of support! Got a question about ANYTHING pertaining to writing, social networking, or freelancing? If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll find someone who does. She’ll promote the snot outta ya and bury you in confidence to help you grow as a writer and a person, not just as a blog."
-Chris Dean, Life Your Way

Congrats on a great blog, Cindy! Always gives me a few good chuckles and sometimes, like today, a good laugh! "Take care of it!"
- Mari

I read your "smile" article! It was really good! I'm not tech savvy so I haven't read anything else! Help me out please! I'm impressed and intrigued so far and want to read more! Btw, I don't like to read! Congrats to you!
- Tom F.

"I've already read enough here to know that yes, you are intelligent and funny, and nobody can fake that. So I'm going to follow your blog. I've already followed more blogs than I can keep up with, and I seldom decide to add another based on a first reading, but I can already tell that you're an exception, and this will be an experience well worth it."
-Chris Sheridan

"Cindy, I wanted you to know that I've enjoyed your many posts. You're a thoughtful and thoroughly funny lady that I've come to appreciate. You do something I wish I could do. You write funny stuff. I love reading things that remind me of Erma Bombeck and other "everyday" writers who look at life, see the ironic and hysterical, and then write about those perspectives and observations. The world needs so much more of that. I have trouble most days with laughing at myself. That's what makes your writing so important to us out here in this begrudging world of writing. Keep it up, girl. You're doing something wonderful..."
-Claudette Y.

I love the way you face every situation with humor - it's the only way worth living in my opinion.
-Cindy D.

I dig your style...you're gifted. You care about your reader. It's obvious. And rare.
-Gabe Berman, Author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

Response to Excuse Me, But Are Those Real? post:
"You are very good and I laughed a few times even as I looked around to make sure the coast was clear. As a guy I wasn't sure if it was okay. But, since I am alone I went for it. Side note - never had a girl ask me if it was real...."
- Aaron L.

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