Friday, June 19, 2015

Them Grammar Statistics Ain't Right, Is They?

Hello, peeps. I am very busy trying to move out of state (from IL to FL), so I'm dealing with buying and selling, the realtor, the banker, the inspectors, inspectors, inspectors, and all of the fun things involved with moving. Thus, my dear blog has been somewhat silent lately. I hate to ignore my poor blog, so today, being a true blue word nerd, I decided to post an infographic provided by Grammarly.

What do you think of the profile? Does anything stand out to you?

Anatomy of a Grammar Nerd Infographic
Everyday Underwear readers, the thing that stood out to me was the way the statistic about grammar enthusiasts' marital statuses was worded, "50% of grammar enthusiasts are single." Think about that for a moment. My brain immediately went through that statement and pulled out the thought that a high percentage of grammar nerds are single! But that isn't what it says. As many grammar nerds are married as are single, apparently, but the fact that the word single is the only one mentioned makes it stand out and makes your brain think that it's a majority. At least, mine did. I'm curious, did yours do the same thing?


  1. Interesting statistics; no my brain did not focus on the 50% single, it first focused on "the majority of fans are 18 - 24". Given that information, I am surprised that the number of married fans is so high.

    I would guess (because I am too idle to check) that less than 50% of the general population in that age range are married or living with a significant other.

    But then as an old (65) married, male, without a college degree, not an educator, and not living in the USA, I am an atypical grammar nerd.

    Good luck with the move; we look forward to your next post from your new home.

  2. Indeed, Cindy, my brain did the same thing. Thanks for pointing that out. I find I have to constantly monitor myself to weed out unintentional bias in my thinking. Though perhaps in the case of grammar, stereotyping grammarians as married or single might not be too egregious.

  3. I work in a busy communications office for a national home health agency and we are all grammar nerds. We put up grammar cartoons in our offices!! Good luck on your move Cindy!!