Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Caught on Video (in a good way)

As I said in my Miley Cyrus post, sometimes you hope to God you aren't "caught on video" at times in your life, but this time, I am totally okay with sharing my videotaped moments.

I joined Toastmasters this summer. I thought it was only for public speakers. I had no idea that it would expose me to things like video communication. Here are my very first taped interviews as both the host of the interview and as the subject of the interview. Big thanks to Todd Austin for coordinating these videos.

Note to those considering interviews: Don't sit in a chair that swivels. You'll want to swivel.

This is sort of representative of my voice and demeanor. I'm a lot more animated and I think I talk faster in "real life" actually, and with a bit more inflection, but in case you ever wondered what I sound like, this is me!

Here I am being interviewed for the first time ever:

And here I am as the host:


  1. Congratulations on joining Toastmasters Cindy, good job with both interviews. Toastmasters and blogging go well together, I have used parts of speeches as blog posts and parts of posts as speeches.

    The disciplines of research and stringing words together for compelling writing work equally well for entertaining speeches.

    I have been a member of Oxford Orators Toastmasters club in South West Ontario, for nearly 3 years, have my CC, just completed CL and have found huge benefits from being a member.

  2. Great job, Cindy! It was a pleasure working with you on this project.

  3. Thank you, Todd. I would not have had the opportunity so soon in Toastmasters without your spearheading of the project and encouraging other members to participate with your sales pitch and speech about People of Tostmasters :)

  4. Well, hello fellow Toastmaster! I wondered if anyone reading my blog was a TM. I am blowing through my manuals and hope to complete my CC and CL within a year if all goes well. I really enjoy the group.

  5. I am sure it was intense... but you also had for sure lots of fun. And you did such a great job. That's obvious. And now you are ready for all the next interviews that await you in the future.

  6. And here is your glowing evaluation by Martha, Cindy.

  7. Yes, it is always intense no matter what activity I'm participating in, but the experience is always great in the end. I am hoping Toastmasters will help prepare me for author interviews.