Monday, August 18, 2014

My Little Identity Crisis

I have an identity crisis with my blog. I am a humor writer. However, all I can think of lately is serious subject matter. So, do I write serious matter or do I bite the bullet and make all of my serious subject matter funny? Do I avoid serious subject matter or wait until the funny hits me and go with that? Life is a funny thing, I'll give you that. However, it's not always ha ha funny. Sometimes, it's strange funny. And stressful. I'm at a crossroads. Help.


  1. Cindy, yes you are funny, but you are also human. As humans life is funny as you say. At times, life is decidedly unfunny. At other times it is funny for us to observe others going through their own unfunny periods.

    I don't read every one of your posts because of time, but I read most and I enjoy your writing. I am an awkward old fart, so your writing either has a trans-generational appeal or I am still young at heart, both I hope.

    A while back, a coach suggested that some of my more controversial, political type posts were out of place on my main blog so I started a separate blog where, when I feel the need to rant, I can let rip to a small audience without driving away my main visitors.

    That's one solution.

    The other is to just write from the heart as James Altucher does and he has 100 000 subscribers.

    Whether you write funny or serious stuff or make the serious stuff funny, I will still enjoy your writing as I am sure will most of your younger and more normal readers.

    You asked, I hope that helps.

  2. Cindy, I recently transitioned from primarily travel blogging to blogging about approaching writing, travel, and life with a sense of adventure - still the same me, just a slight shift. As a reader of your blog, I find that it's the you who shines through that I keep coming back for: even in the humor the writing always reveals a refreshing authenticity. If you don't have time for two blogs, which I didn't when I switched, you might consider simply shortening your tagline to something like "Where Life Meets Cindy Brown" or shifting it to something like "Where Life Meets Cindy Brown and an Unruly Baby is Born." Whatever you write about, you always still seem to be addressing "Everyday Underwear," you see what I mean?

  3. Thank you so much! It does help a lot. I will keep writing, no matter the mood. I am hoping to complete a post today.

  4. Thanks for the tagline suggestions! I never thought of that, but sure will consider it. I've been thinking for a long time about multiple blogs, changing my theme, etc. The main thing is that I just need to keep writing!