Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies - of the devil?

Okay, who can resist Girl Scout cookies? Well, maybe you can, but I cannot and even if I could, my husband cannot and so we end up with Girl Scout cookies every year in our home for a very brief period of time. I'm fairly sure they were sent here by Satan because they are sinfully addictive. They are gone almost as quickly as they enter the house, no matter how many boxes we buy, because we simply can't keep from pigging out on them. Thin Mints? Oh yeah, baby. That's what I'm talkin' about. And the Samoas! Well, let's just say that I make embarrassing noises when I eat them. My husband joked with me yesterday, "You want some mo'a?" and I had to laugh at his very creative comment. Then I wondered if that was actually why they named them Samoas, but quickly dismissed the thought that he might know more about Girl Scout cookie names than I know and I went on about my cookie enjoyment.

I notice there are people outside the US following my blog and the thought occurred to me last night that some people might not know what Girl Scout cookies are. Unimaginable! Why, they might not even know what Girl Scouts are! Do they have Girl Scouts in the south of France? I have no earthly idea. I think they're American, but who knows, they could have gone global since I last checked.

Most importantly, Girl Scouts sell cookies as a fundraiser and I'm fairly certain that's what they're best known for in our country. That might be all you need to know for this post, although on the box of cookies it does say that they are a "premier leadership development organization for girls," which is also good, but possibly secondary to the cookies. My youngest daughter was a Girl Scout two years ago and she enthusiastically sold more boxes of Girl Scout cookies than anyone in her troop. She even got a special patch. Why, I didn't even mind the gajillion boxes in my living room because I know the joy these cookies bring to one and all, young and old. Everyone has a favorite. People are genuinely disappointed when they miss this special sales campaign. People here in the US will actually hunt down Girl Scouts and grill them, "When are you selling the cookies? Make sure and come find me!"

And so I ask of you, which ones taste so good to you that you make your own jungle noises? And my foreign correspondents, what special treats sold door-to-door do you look forward to in your country?


  1. SheWrites sister here - I'm a sucker for Thin Mints. Those and my grandma's recipe ginger cookies.

    Nothing wrong with really, REALLY enjoying a cookie or two, right down to the jungle noises.

  2. Beverly, do you ever freeze the Thin Mints and eat them while still frozen? I even know a man who orders $300 worth of Thin Mints and puts them in a deep freeze for the whole year ahead!

  3. We have the same addiction issue at our house. It doesn't matter how many boxes we get, they last no more than a week, tops. Samoas are one of my favorites, too. But, even though I normally dislike peanut butter cookies, I have a passion for Do-si-dos. Once your post started me craving those, I couldn't get food off my mind, so when you said people were grilling Girl Scouts, for a moment I wondered who these cannibals were! :) On that note, did you know there are a bzillion recipes for repurposing leftover Girl Scout Cookies? As if we'd leave any. Here's a link to one recipe site:

  4. I would order $300 worth of Thin Mints if I didn't think my husband would disown me. He somehow doesn't equate them with the $300 case of wine he orders. But frozen -- you bet!