Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vampire Puppies? I Don't Care, They're Still Cute!

Okay, before I start this post, I must show you a picture or two to melt your heart before I get to the gory details. These are my sweet little angelic puppies. They are purebred Great Pyrenees and we have five of them, eight weeks old . I keep an eye on them all day long with frequent checks on their location and welfare. Normally they don't get out of bounds, whatever that means on a twelve acre property on a dead end road in the middle of nowhere. If they try to cross the road, I go out and nudge them back and mama helps me corral them. Today, however, they decided to go walkabout like Crocodile Dundee. The normally present and attentive puppy parental units, Penny and Buddy, were absent. Then here the puppies came from across the road. Why on earth were they out there? I'll tell you why. Blood lust. That's why.

My gorgeous puppies had their muzzles and paws covered in blood. Naturally, I was preparing to start showing these beautiful white puppies for sale.. for $250 apiece... tomorrow. But here's what happens out here in the sticks. Somebody was kind enough to dump their skinned deer remains nearby and the dogs found it before I did and commenced to, gulp, well... devour what was left of it. Now, if you have never seen a snow white puppy covered in blood, consider yourself quite lucky. It was gross. And I got to clean them up. It wasn't so bad the first time. Then Penny decided to bring a nice pile of some juicy fresh innards over to our yard -- sorry, ack, I had to gag a little there -- so that she and the puppies could enjoy a bit more of a snack. They looked even worse the second time than they did the first time and again, I had to clean them up.

Ah, the joys of country living. My husband says it is normal for hunters to leave the unused deer parts out there for the coyotes. You know, the whole "circle of life" theory and all. I disagree! I've got your coyotes right here, buddy! They're our dogs! And so now, I am of course worried that these sweet little darlings have been turned into blood sucking vampire puppies. A similar process happens with teenagers during puberty, by the way. Why, I fear I'm going to have to change their names from Salt, Pepper, Wrench, Pillsbury and Angel to Edward, Laurent, James, Rosalie, and Victoria. Ugh. I am happy to have put them in their pen now and hope the "feeding" doesn't continue tomorrow. If it does, I might have to take pictures. Even covered in blood, the puppies were still adorable. They still look at me with those puppy eyes, as if to say, "Whaddid I do? I wudn't kiwl anyfing ever, mommy, I promuss!" Vampire puppies. Too cute.

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  1. Beverly, the stories I could tell if I had no morals. LOL! And homecomingbook, certainly I thought you would know about these dogs and I have even heard they can take down a bear. We got the mother and father last Christmas as pups to guard around here and fell in love with the breed. This is our first litter. Hate to sell them, but it will help defray the feeding costs for sure!