Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday Woo-Too-Much-To-Do-Hoo

I have several things to Woo-Hoo today. First, awards!

Yesterday, I felt like complete doggie doo-doo and stayed home to languish in bed, as miserably as humanly possible. I have some sort of horrible head cold and I'm barely getting myself going each day. I dreaded even getting on the computer (gasp!) because my heart and mind weren't in it. They were in bed, sleeping away illness, where they ought to be. Alas, things had to be done, including checking e-mail, laundry, and handling/shuttling of children, and so I forced myself out of bed and into work mode. That's not the good part.

The good part was logging into my e-mail and finding three blog awards there from a couple of my respected colleagues. From my dear blogging friend, Lisa Weinstein, I received the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award and the Inspiring Blog Award. Thank you, my sweet online friend. It was the perfect day to receive these honors!

And then from Kelly Hashway, a new award and I am proud to say that I was one of four selected for the Very Inspiring Blogger award.

These girls are both great writers and support Everyday Underwear like true friends. I appreciate that so much! Thanks for making my sick day worth getting out of bed. Today I was awakened out of my sickness slumber by a tornado warning... not as much fun. There might end up being a blog post about that one. I'm telling you, I could post every single day if this was my job. My life is always interesting and I love hearing how you all respond with your experiences!

I'm using some of Lisa and Kelly's answers and facts to play off since I'm feeling poorly and have little energy to Woo-Hoo today, so here's some random facts to get to know me better... Yay, a list opportunity! You know I love lists!

  1. I fear very little. I am pretty brave in most respects, but a spider will make me jump. But only because they're so darn creepy. I will kill them without a second thought. Hi-yah! Karate chop!
  2. My first concert was Slim Whitman. No, not because I am totally nerdy like that, but because he was at a local fair we attended and the family members I was with (who have now conveniently blocked the entire incident from memory) loved it so much, I was forced to sit through not only one, but a SECOND SHOWING! Kill me now. The memory still haunts me.
  3. I will type in capital letters to yell if I want to and I don't care what you say about it. I think it is fine to do that in writing, but only for emphasis, not as a way of life.
  4. There came a certain point in my life (and I can't pinpoint it, but I think it coincides with kids) that I no longer subscribed to the motto, "Suffer for beauty." Give me some comfortable shoes for this fun fair, dang it!
  5. In the past, I have tried a few different hair colors and many styles, but the times when I colored my hair black and then red - I looked in the mirror and truly could not recognize myself. Weird. Brown with blond highlights it is. I like you, reflection.
  6. I'm currently struggling with a medical issue and I'm hesitant to talk about it. That's not like me at all, but I haven't gotten a diagnosis of anything yet and am playing a game of hide-and-go-seek with whatever it is, which I hate, along with a game of is-this-important-or-not? It's like taking my car to the mechanic. "Well, I swear that sometimes, it makes this weird noise, kind of like a ch-sh-sh-kkkkkkk and then there's a loud pop!" Sigh. I had a major test that came back normal recently, so Woo-Hoo to that, but pray for answers for me, please. I'm weary of this process and it's just starting.
  7.  I have ten fingers and only ten toes. Who knew?

I also want to Woo-Hoo that my husband's food stand will open this weekend. We're very busy preparing, so I need to get on the ball working for him. Hickerbilly's will have some awesome burgers, I guarantee you that! I'm proud of my husband for trying this out. He has a full time job already, so this is really stretching him, but cooking has always been his passion and he's very excited about it.

Woo-Hoo that both of my girls are doing well at cheer leading for their respective teams. I'm so proud of them for their hard work and dedication to the teams. They are both working very hard this year to excel in all they do and they're great girls, making an effort to stay out of trouble and get good grades despite their busy and social lives.

Woo-Hoo that I think I will have more time to write soon. I am in the process of freeing up my schedule some. I've been too overwhelmed lately and that's not helping my health any either. Can't wait to do what I love... write. That will make me feel better ;0)

And what do you Woo-Hoo this week?


  1. Good luck to your husband...if I lived near you I'd come and get one of those burgers! Slim Whitman? Too funny!!

  2. You totally had me - until you leaked the bit about the number of fingers and toes. How disillusioning... I don't know if I can bear to read any more of your posts now, to be honest. *snicker*

  3. I thought number seven was hilarious and wondered if anybody would catch my humor there. It was based on Kelly Hashway's fact that she has an extra rib, LOL! Nice to see you, Melody, the Poetess extraordinaire ;0).

  4. I'm trying to catch up because I've been swamped with work lately. Congrats on the awards. You are very deserving of both.