Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sexy Body, Where Are You?

Well, well, well… it seems that I am suddenly important enough to get free stuff (very few good offers for this) and be constantly bombarded with requests for guest posts (will I do them AND will I host them?) and for this I am thankful, even though it is time consuming and requires a lot of research on my part.

There have been a couple of opportunities lately which are right up my alley and I wanted to start talking about anyway on my blog, so rock and roll. Here we go! Everyone repeat my battle cry!


Creative Bioscience has given me an opportunity to try their diet & weight loss supplements for 90 days for free if I will talk about it. Just so happens that:
  1. I am on a quest for health recently since I am feeling much better.
  2. I could use a jump start.
  3. I researched the company and found them to be legit and I found one product on the shelf at CVS (however, not at my hometown Wal-Mart or Walgreens) which made me feel better.
  4. Um, free.
  5. I get to be HONEST (you know I’m all about that) about my experience with the products and then I get to give away products to my readers as well at the end!
Did you catch that last thing? I get the products for free and then I get to give them to you for free! We all win.

I have chosen to try 3 different products instead of one product for 3 months and tell you what I think of each as I try them:

Raspberry Ketone Plus
African Mango 1200
hCG Zero Capsules

I have a weight loss goal of 30 pounds. I have already begun an exercise program and it and a few dietary changes have bagged seven pounds already, so I’m excited to see what some supplementation will do. That’s weighing first thing in the morning, naked, after I’ve peed, by the way.

You can apply for this challenge as well if you are a blogger with enough traffic. Please follow this link for more information:

If I like the stuff, I’ll be letting you know. If I don’t like the stuff, I’ll be letting you know. I’m all about natural options, so I’ve chosen hormone and stimulant free versions where possible.


  1. Very cool, Cindy. Although from your pictures you don't look like you could lose that weight without disappearing! I'm glad you're feeling much better!

  2. Yeah, I looked it up. My healthy range is between 127-141 and I started recently at 168. I'm down to 161, but I still have a lot of "middle ground" to work on. Stupid muffin top...

  3. 7 pounds, you go girl!! That's awesome, keep it up sweetie!!!

  4. Congratulations ... to your achievement ... wonderful news. Keep up the good work and keep us posted.

  5. Um -iiiiiiiidunno. Why put this stuff into you when just plain taking care of yourself would do? These are expensive and unnecessary!

  6. Mari, you are absolutely right! My post was supposed to be 200-400 words, so I could not get as detailed as what I normally would (you know how long-winded I am!) I would not normally ever do this because I do know that I could lose it with just a strict natural diet and exercise program. However, there are a few factors here that made me try it.

    One big one was that it was free to me. I would not necessarily ever pay for such things (I just can't justify it), but having said that, I did do Shakeology from Beachbody when I was a coach, which is basically the same kind of thing and it was about $100 a month, far more than these supplements!

    I did research and these supplements are more natural than most, so that was another big factor in my decision. Is it really any different to do a supplement from a workout program supplier or GNC who provide all sorts of "support" pills and potions people never question?

    And third, when I was battling the Lyme, I literally could not do any exercise at all, not even walking the dogs! So I gained a lot of fat in my middle section. It literally makes it difficult for me to do some exercise at this point or to even bend over to put on my socks and shoes! I know I can maintain on my own after losing the initial weight and made it clear that I was using these as a jump start. I figure at the very least, I can review them for others who do take dietary aids. I am quite open minded in that regard. To each his own, but I will personally not continue use. I am sure I will not need to do so.

    I will ONLY use these supplements as a jump starter (or say if you have a big even you're prepping for - which I do) and not as a long-term program and I would never advise anyone to take ANY diet supplement long-term.

    I probably will address some of this as I get deeper into talking about health on my blog. I also would not do prescription pills again (I did that once in my life) or recommend those to anyone unless there was a special reason to do so. I don't believe in them, but I do realize that there is a very diverse pool of people out there and everyone is at different places in their walk in the road with diet and nutrition.

    I am taking Chinese herbs for my Lyme. Would you also suggest that I not do that? There is a full page of ingredients in there, most of which I've never heard of. I am more afraid of the damage of taking the antibiotics I took as well. Talk about putting chemicals into your body! But people do that every day without a thought. I find antibiotics a scary concept - but desperate people take desperate measures and my situation was not an everyday thing and I was scared to death. They could have told me to stand on my head and sing Mary Had a Little Lamb twenty times every day and I would have done it.

    I am mostly a very health-minded person when trying to take care of myself. I don't get a flu shot, for instance. I feel like that is more detrimental to my body than these supplements would be.

    Mari, I did research these and this company and consulted with them regarding my particular concerns and unique health situation. I made the decision that it was not, in my case, a risk to try these. I would NOT just do this for any old pill shoved at me, I promise :0)

  7. Thanks! I sure will. It's yet another journey in my health yo-yo story...

  8. Good luck, Cindy. Keep us posted.

  9. You know I will, girl. Got my own "prom" (my husband's work party) in a few months and I want to look killer!

  10. I wanted to reply ONLY BECAUSE our avi's look like they'd be best friends.

  11. John, that is actually my stock avatar when people comment with a profile that doesn't have a picture. I drew that eye, so I'm kind of partial to it, bff ;0)

  12. Good for you! Whatever motivation works and knowing we're all waiting to see what happens should give you plenty of motivation! Good luck!

  13. So far not much happening (from the pills anyway), but the exercise is working! I have your snow post up right now to show my family. We haven't had snow like that around here since I don't remember when, but in the late 70's I think we had some.

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