Friday, May 25, 2012

Remembering A Fallen Soldier

For Memorial Day, I could not think of a better way to honor a fallen soldier than by sharing once again a post from this past November. It was my 9th blog post, so I didn't have much traffic then. I would expect a few more comments at this time. It's not a humorous post. It's heartbreaking. A Facebook friend got the worst possible news. Her brother was killed in action in Afghanistan. Please revisit my post containing the letter "Dear Baby Brother" she wrote and posted on Facebook after his death. It is the most sobering memorial I could possibly offer up to remind you to honor our fallen soldiers and I'm happy that she has once again given me the permission to share this.

As you consume your burgers and beer this Memorial Day weekend, please think of Adam Dobereiner and the family left behind, consumed in their own very different view of this holiday weekend. Serving our country was never so real a concept to me as when I read Helen's words during this time. Emotions of grief, anger, and sorrow have been expected and she has been kind enough to let me share her raw emotion with the world. Reads, shares, and comments are certainly appreciated in order to bring honor to Adam.

RIP Adam Dobereiner, November 21st, 1989 - November 18th, 2011


  1. Heading over to your other post now. I have to grab some tissues first though.

  2. Thank you for leading me to  Adam's sister's post.

    I was not wise.  I did not grab some tissues first.

  3. An important reminder, Cindy.   That is a hard letter to read but the reality is we (U.S. and Canada) have lost so many young, healthy men and women to this war.  It's important to know the families behind these losses.  Nice work.

  4. Yes, hard, but in my opinion, necessary to share. Life isn't all giggles, unfortunately. I want to share in all of the human experience and I want to then share that with others. Thanks for taking the time to read!