Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Woo-Hoo Wednesday - Awards Out the Wazoo Style

Well, a big Woo-Hoo since last Wednesday that I received yet another award! And if that wasn't enough, then I got another! And then another. If that's not worth a whole Woo-Hoo post, I don't know what is! Thanks to Darian Wilk's Woo-Hoo Wednesday spot for the chance to talk about my writing woo-hoo's each week.

I received the Versatile Blogger Award from Cindy Dwyer at A Reason to Write. Cindy is a kindred spirit who hates spiders and loves cheesecake. Holla! Thank you, Cindy! It's the first time I've received that particular award.

Then, just days later, I received the Kreativ Blogger Award from Trisha Faye at Trisha Faye - So many books... so little time. Trisha had given me a shout-out previously during her A-Z challenge as one of the blogs that made her laugh, bestowing me with the letter M for Moment of Laughter. I was so honored then and am just as honored now to be recognized by her. Trisha, I thank you with all of my heart!

Just when I couldn't have been more shocked already, I got the notification from Melody Lowes at Meanwhile, Melody Muses that she was giving me the Sunshine Award. I had not received that one yet either. I literally blushed when I read the message. I just couldn't believe it and have such gratitude for the kind words and nominations. By the way, Melody, what on earth is Rhubarb Punch? I hate to say it, but it sounds awful. But since you answer in your questions that it's your favorite, I'll trust that it's good.

Since I already won the Kreativ, I won't do the whole thing with that. I will do the rules (loosely) the first time I receive an award and then I will thank-n-link after that. But, since I am obligated to tell all of you seven things about myself as part of the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award, here we go! Cool! I love lists...
  1. I love lists. Wait, I already said that. Oh well, I'm counting it.
  2. I am typing this like a slovenly man, with my pants unbuttoned and unzipped - to let my fat breathe. I know, I said in another post that I wasn't a slovenly man, but I have my moments.
  3. I am fairly certain I will turn into a Larry the Cable Guy joke - the grandma with the walking farts. I think this because I seem to get more flatulent the older I get and I'm sure there will be less and less control as I approach granny stage.
  4. I think of funny Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, or blog subject matter and laugh to myself about it out loud in public places. People look at me like I'm crazy. They could be right.
  5. I lean more toward hoarder than neat freak, but if you give me 24 hours notice before you come over, you would never know it. By the way, the rule is 48 hours for in-laws and other parental units.
  6. I recently joined a church where I am the minority. I don't think they've realized I'm white yet. (Don't get your panties in a bunch over that comment either - we all love each other and kid about it - they get my humor, thank you, LORD! :) I've never felt so loved and accepted anywhere.
  7. My dream is to make enough money writing that I can hire a personal assistant to do all of the things I don't want to do so that I can write more - like housekeeping, accounting, cooking, brushing my teeth... okay, I will probably still have to do that last one myself.

Now, to nominate 15 blogs (recipients, link-n-thank, put up badge on your site, tell seven facts about yourself, nominate fifteen blogs & notify them). Fifteen! Fifteen? Thankfully, there are no "under 200 followers" rules or anything like that and my reading list is quite diverse, so here we go (another list of my favorite peeps - yay!):
  1. Jeannine Bergers Everett - mobyjoe cafe
  2. Rachel Thompson - Rachel in the OC
  3. Gabe Berman - The Fruit Fly Strikes Back
  4. Louise Gallagher - A Year of Making a Difference
  5. Michelle - Motley News
  6. Beverly Diehl - Writing in Flow
  7. Cara Lopez Lee - They Only Eat Their Husbands
  8. Lynne Favreau - Lynne Favreau
  9. Claire McAlpine - Word by Word
  10. Becky Green Aaronson - The Art of an Improbable Life
  11. Karen Anderson - Before & After
  12. Judy - Life... Minute by Minute
  13. Jodi Aman - Heal Now and Forever
  14. The Girlfriend Mom
  15. Claudette J. Young - Claudsy's Blog

For the Sunshine Award, I have to answer the following questions, which is easy. Let's do this thang!

Favorite number: Three. Don't know why, but it just is.

Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Very cold root beer.

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. Rachel Thompson, sorry, but I am still a bit of a Twitter idiot. Although, I am learning.

My Passion: Writing, no doubt about it. I have an upcoming post scheduled already about that very thing.

Favorite pattern: Sleep patterns. Especially that deep sleep stage, which I rarely achieve.

Favorite Day of the Week: Friday. Even though I don't party anymore, I work from home, and we don't have friends over for Parcheesi, I still feel that exhilaration of Friday night. I don't even know what Parcheesi is, I've just heard about it. We do have pizza and movie night with our girls on Friday, so yep, it's Friday.

Favorite Flower: Ones that take care of themselves. I like Peonies, or as my girls call them, "Panties."

Now, I must nominate 10 people for the Sunshine Award (Recipients, if you haven't received this award, link-n-thank, put up badge on your site, answer the questions, nominate ten blogs and notify them). Please note, I get my sunshine in a lot of ways, so like I've said before, these are quite diverse! I like to highlight writers who deserve a nod, even if they are not necessarily in a genre I read. I am shouting out to several of my tribe members (imagine tribal drums in the jungle announcing your arrival) as well. So much talent out there!

  1. Suzannah at Write It Sideways - Writing advice from a fresh perspective
  2. Mike at Perception is Reality Corner
  3. Will Pep at Low Budget Dreamer
  4. Mumchic - Mumchic
  5. Peter Kevin Connell - Today in Heritage History
  6. Constance Wallace - Legends of Green Isle
  7. Ruth Hill - My Devotional Thoughts
  8. Veronica Scott - Wreck of the Nebula Dream
  9. Elle Amberly - Lost in Your Time
  10. Tricia & Siana (team bloggers) - 2 Girls on a Bench
I was also tagged in My Really, Real Reality and answered 10 questions about myself in the comments, if you care to see my musings there.

Oh my gosh, I actually did it! And believe it or not, I have people left over to honor. Be on the lookout! You could be next. One thing about being connected to a writer is that you never know when you might be highlighted! Be on your best behavior, now ;0)


  1. Wow!  You'll need to build a virtual trophy case to hold all your awards!  congrats!  And thank you for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award :)   By the way, I love your blue logo !

  2. Thanks! I was shocked by all of it. And re the blue logo, I used to be a graphic artist, so I know how to do things like that ;0)

  3. Yippee Skippy, an award from one of the bloggers I dig most in all blogdom! Thank you, Cindy, I'm honored. But egads, now I'm going to have to go check out all these blogs! I know it's not required, but how can I resist?

  4. Like I said, there is a ton of variation! Surely out of 24 blogs, there will be one you like ;0)

  5. Holy cow, that's a whole ton to woohoo about, congrats! I too am a list lover, I can't help it. I think my heaven will be filled with beautiful lists, cute shoes, and of course, guilt free chocolate. Maybe I should go make a list of the different kinds of chocolate...

    1. Have you ever tried spicy chocolate? If you haven't, you must add that to your list. It's a unique experience!

  6. Cindy, we have so much in common!!!

  7. Thank you Cindy!  I love the anwers to your questions. I like making lists too -- I just don't remember where I put them or to use them!  :)

    I am honoured to be named. It may take me a few days to get it up on my blog as I'm in the middle of a major deadline right now on a project, and I'm feeling swamped!  :)

    Hugs -- I really appreciate your support and kindness.

  8. Thankyou Cindy !!!! 
    wohoooo :)
    Love your answers by the way. Will do the award acceptance over the weekend !
    Cheers and have a fab day ! You are awesome :)

  9. Thanks so much Cindy for the AWESOME Sunshine Award!  And you are not the only one who sits around the house with their pants unbuttoned.  Men don't rule in that department.  :)

  10. Whoo Hoo indeed!! Thank you so much for the award! I am humbled and honored :-)

  11. Right back at you, Mumchic! ;0) You are awesome too!

  12. Louise, what you do with your blog is so deserving of awards! Just keep up the great work. It's a lot of work to respond to awards, so don't feel pressured. ;0)

  13. Great post - you deserve the recognition. I've really enjoyed your blog.

  14. Wow Cindy - I can't thank you enough for the honor! Coming from such a rich writer as yourself it is a wonderful compliment! You certainly deserve every award you have won!!

  15. Hey hey........I do NOT sit around the house with my pants unbuttoned! :-)

  16. Ok Cindy - now that I have won a coveted award - I am supposed to do...........what? LOL........awards are new to me

  17. Wow, thank YOU! That's nice of you to say. And now I can say, "I'm rich!" because of your comment, wink wink!

  18. Mike, you do a post where you thank the person who gave you the award and put a link to their site so people can check them out. Then you copy the award badge (in this case it's the flower picture from the Sunshine Award) and put it on your site to show people that you are an award-winner! Then you answer the same 10 questions I did so people can get to know you better. Then you pay it forward by nominating 10 other blogs (if you can't come up with that many, just do what's doable) you like that put sunshine into your life and put their names and link to their site in your post and notify them that they won the award by commenting on one of their blog posts and telling them they won the honor.

    I know, it's a lot, but just do what you can ;0)

  19. I know, I know - there is a bit of a sting when receiving awards when you don't already have a personal assistant, because it takes a lot of time to create the links, etc.  But yahoo for you!  So keep writing!

  20. Congrats on your awards Cindy! Woo-hoo! And thanks for your nomination. It's an honor to be in such great company. Also, I enjoyed learning more about you. We have a lot in common--especially our dream of hiring personal assistants!

  21. Thank you so much! I have loved making new friends in the blogosphere, including you :0)

  22. Oh, you know I will keep writing! I can't stop.